Thursday, January 21, 2021

"Get Ready to Go"

 These are words I say every single morning.  This is how I think they are interpreted by the children in this house...

Child #1:  I think I should wander around the house not getting ready.  Instead, I should be trying to create problems with whatever sibling is closest and if it can result in screaming on their part-even better!

Child #2:  I shall wander around aimlessly and maybe even just stand in places as an obstacle in the kitchen to others trying to get around.

Child #3:  I will magically be ready to go instantly.  I should be able to stay in bed until mom yells that she is pulling out of the driveway.

Child #4:  I will do all the things I need to get ready.  I hope an adult remembers to tell me that my shower is done, that I need to get my things, and reminds me of the things I am missing once we are in the car.

Child #5:  I can chill until someone helps me get ready.  Who needs independence at this point?  Everyone loves helping me!

To another morning tomorrow...

1 comment:

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