Sunday, April 15, 2018

Life continues on...

Our little baby is now well on his way to becoming a 15 month old.  The other kiddos are continuing to grow and move on through life as well with the last of the big 4 preparing to start kindergarten next year.  Sniff, sniff!

Things life is teaching me along the way...

*Differences between children...some make me wistful for them to be adults-the logic and wisdom that comes from living life will be a great aid to them I hope;  some make me wistful for their younger selves-more snuggles, more innocence

*"Enjoy every second" is not an attainable goal...feeling crazy or acting crazy is not something I wish to hold onto for myself or them

*I enjoy looking back at my kiddos "being little" pictures, but truth be told as I stated above...I would not want to go back to those days with all of them because life was CRAZY at times.  Part of it was due to close ages, part of it was due to trying to understand behaviors, and part of it was due to fluctuating hormones on my part. :)

I love these kids with all of my heart and I love the gift of time that I have been given with them.  It helps me appreciate them and this same precious gift that several people I know have lost along the way either due to death or broken relationships.

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