Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life With My Two-Year Old

Multiple times a day...

I get to hear about the babysitter's husband and his harvest....
   "Bill horn" "twuck full" "Ma (short a sound there) dregon full"  "dumpt out"  repeat 4-5 times in a row
  Translation:  "Bill's corn...truck full...Matt wagon full...dumped it out"

He is also convinced that any tractor, corn field, or wagon belongs to the babysitter's husband...
   "Bill's horn"  "Bill's twactor"  "Bill's dregon"

I have finally figured out that he doesn't say the "k" sound, instead he replaces it with an h sound...
   how=cow   hat=cat   horn=corn  ohey=okay (Anyone see how this could be a little confusing)

He likes to talk about farm animals...
  "Hows moo"  "Pigs {insert snortish type sound"  "Bugs bite hand"

Sometimes animals are just referred to by their sounds
   dogs= "row rows"   ducks= "quacks"   cats="meows"

He has learned to argue with his siblings, especially when he hears the phrase "No, Don, that's mine"...he responds quite quickly with a "No! Mine!"

Being the youngest after two older sisters means that it is fun to play "Pincess"...
   "Look Mom!  Me pincess!  Pincess Don!"

Nothing beats Curious George....
    He loves the show, the movies, and the books!!!

When he get the choice to pick a show or even when it's not his turn, his vote is always....

Cat food is considered one of his highest delicacies...
    If he helps feed the cats, he is constantly trying to sneak a handful for himself and stuff it in his mouth!

And just like since he was a newborn, the kid is constantly smiling!  He is one easy-going, fun-loving little guy who loves to be outside as much as he can!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oh, Happy Day!

June 30th...the day we officially became a family of 6!!!

We would like to introduce:

Annabelle (formerly known as Big Sis)


Sadie (formerly known as Little Sis)

These girls are plopped right between both of the boys in ages and at least for another month we have a 7, 5, 3, and 1 year olds in the house.

Everything proceeded smoothly, outside of some last minute freaking out by Luke.  We were also pleased that we got it finalized when we did as our license will be expiring later this month.  At this point in time, we are done with fostering, but we will also never say never :)

It has been a long road getting to this point and there were several reminders of our journey up to this point that day...

*On the drive between court and our celebratory meal afterwards, Scott and I's wedding song came on the radio.  I rarely hear the song played so it seemed extra special to hear it on this particular day.

*Our lawyer was the same lady we had used for Luke's adoption and our failed adoptions, plus the adoption took place at the same courthouse as Luke's so there were lots of memories popping up throughout the proceedings.

*We also had to drive past the place where we met Baby E's mama to go to the hospital with her on the day he was delivered and could have driven past the place where we had to eventually return him back to his mama (we missed this one due to a shortcut).  The significance of these two events were also strong on my mind this day.

*Don's birth came to mind, as well.  It was not lost on me how relatively simple adding him to our family was (minus the years of childlessness, events listed above, pregnancy, and labor and delivery).  We simply had a baby, signed a birth certificate, and were free to bring him home.  There was no negotiating with several other people about their needs/rights to the baby, no lawyers involved, no courtroom appearances, no neglect/health concerns, no waiting on someone else to make crucial decisions about this little person in your care, no paperwork hassle, no waiting on legal work proving that we are indeed this child's parents, no need to wait on papers proving what my child's name one questioning me in a courtroom about whether or not I will love this child (at least the doctors and nurses never asked) get the point.

It was a good, happy day and it felt long overdue!

P.S.  The official count was 1,099 days in foster care...3 years and 1 day in our care.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again!

The end of school is once again at hand, which leads to....

*Students becoming more and more pumped as each day passes.  It really is amazing that teachers/schools can keep things running as smoothly as they do this time of year!

*Despite their enthusiasm and energy during the course of the school day, these very same students (my children included) have become more and more difficult to motivate very first thing in the morning.  Their little bodies have gone into summertime mode and refuse to more quickly or at all every.single.morning.  It really is amazing that parents are continuing to show up to work sanely this time of year!

*Not gonna lie-I was just part of a discussion about whether the first ten days or the last ten days of school are the hardest as a parent in the morning.  The last ten days won hands down.  Please weigh in if you have a strong opinion either way :)

*My kids still have 4 days left...kudos to all of you who will finish up earlier this week.  And my God be with those of you who still have a ways to go! ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Little Spitball

Don has learned to stick out his tongue and spit. How he learned this (ahem) I will never know?! ;)

Anyway, he uses this new trick whenever he is playing chase or at just the right exact moment in any given conversation.

For this next story, you also need to know that he is an excellent scavenger.  If anybody (especially one of his siblings) leaves a piece of food laying on the table, he will grab it as he is passing by.

So, this morning he was doing just that and I said, "Don, stop and leave it there!"

He looked straight at me, stuck his tongue out, and spit!

(I did not laugh, but it is difficult because he is so dang cute when he does it, however, I also know it will not be in just a few years ;)

I looked at him and said, "Should we roll you up into a ball and call you a 'Spitball'?"

He looked right at me, wrinkled his little nose, smiled, and said "YA!"

Oh, dear Lord have mercy on us for this child may have inherited my sense of humor! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Things I Will Never Understand. ..


*You say "No!"  They automatically say "Yes!"

*"Ok."  This is the answer to anything until they realize that it is also actually not ok...

*Then meltdown/tantrum begins.

*Highly skilled at knowing exactly which buttons to push for each member of the family, especially when older siblings are in the picture!

*Always innocent even when proven guilty!

*Almost always guilty.

*Also highly skilled at teaching younger siblings things.  (Have I mentioned almost always guilty.)

*Learn how to say "Sorry" quickly and sweetly.

*Also learn how to retaliate while saying "Sorry" sweetly.

*Fantastic ignorers of whatever you have asked them to do.

*Type A personalitied which triggers meltdowns over important things like getting your drink in a green cup instead of a blue cup!

*Full of sooo much sass and sweetness all at the same time!


Experts say it's the child learning to assert their independence.  I say it is the child's own personal game of "Survivor".  We parents are the contestants and the child gets to be Jeff Probst throwing challenge after challenge at us!

Having another three year old in the house also reminds me everyday of how very blessed I am to have had my prayers answered from all those years ago.  It is a privilege to get to raise all of these children even when one of them is three years old and trying to make us insane ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


"That was GREAT!  Confession is the best thing ever!  It was just the best!  I want another turn...can I go to Fr. Mark now?!  It was just soo great!"

Say all of that in one breath while running back and forth at the back of church.  This is what it was like for Luke after his First Reconciliation last night.

As soon as he got done talking to one priest, he was ready to make his second confession with the other :)

We are so proud of him!  He did a nice job last night and was so enthusiastic afterwards.

I mentioned that dad and I would still need to go sometime during Lent, since we were not able to do it last night due to other circumstances.  I also mentioned that he could go with us and do it again when we go if he would like.  "YES!  It is the best thing ever!" :)

Can't believe he's old enough to be receiving these sacraments!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Lord Provides For Those That Wait!

What have we been waiting for you ask?


Now I am well aware that some places have been blessed with an overabundance of the wonderful white stuff this winter and that many people are ready to be done with it, but here at the Faith, Hope, & Poop household not so much.

Every reported forecast for us so far this winter has become rain by the time it actually arrived at our house.

Now I do not want to completely mislead you.  We have had one good measurable/play in the snow snowfall. THANKSGIVING DAY!  Not.even.winter.then.

We have waited and waited through many false hopes and this past week we were rewarded with an ENTIRE week of snow days! :)

Our sleds are no longer sad, our snowsuits were happy to be worn, and our boots felt so nice on our feet.

AND it is snowing more as I sit here and type.  Big, beautiful snowflakes.

Yes, the kids probably should have been in school learning or whatever it is they do at school ;)

Yes, I should probably have been working or whatever it is I do at school :)

BUT...we have had a great week together and there is no better excitement than getting the call each day saying that you have another free day at home!

Yes, we will be going longer into May than we might have, but on the plus side....daily lunch recess duty is so much warmer in May than February! ;)

P.S.  This post is (hopefully) brought to you in a coherent fashion despite Don's attempts at helping me type it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things People Say (or not!)

The social media world is full of fun little sayings/themes like "Throwback Thursday"or "Fun Day Sunday", but around this house we are blessed with a husband/dad who makes up his own!

"Blue Jeans Wednesday" for example has arisen because (I think) that he is slightly perturbed by the lack of blue jeans wearing by our children.  He has taken over the laundry and when girls only want to wear dresses and the big boy only wants to wear jogging pants aka "comfy pants" then the laundry guy feels the need to encourage the children to wear those nice clean blue jeans.  In my humble opinion, the fight is not worth it, but to each his own :)

"No Carry Thursdays" is another one of his popular days.  This is in regard to the third and smallest child in this house.  He is in charge of getting her to daycare most days and continues to carry her inside, mostly because she has stayed quite petite compared to any of the other children (even her younger brother!)  This one mostly occurs between she and her father because this mother stopped carrying her a looong time ago! :)

Another phrase that gets thrown around quite often is "Fine! You are not my best friend!"  This one is all big sis!  When she has been wronged, you can guarantee that you will be on the receiving end of this insult.  No worries, though, once she has forgiven you then you will once again here "Ok. You can be my best friend!" :)

I can fairly guarantee that none of these will catch on in the world outside of this house, but if you hear otherwise feel free to let us know! ;)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 Goals Status Report

Goal #1:  Be healthier in one month than I was at the beginning of the month.

I have been using the myfitnesspal app consistently again to record my food each day.  I have lost almost 7 pounds total,  but only a net of 3 pounds from my starting weight.  I yoyoed around mid month. I have also been testing my heel with walks on the weekends.   I am going to try to throw a walk in sometime during the week this week too.  My heel is so close to being healed it's ridiculous.  This also means that it is also in that place where it is very easy to reinjure it as well.

Goal #2:  Be more organized.

Status. ..progressing.
My silverware drawer does look good though!  :)  I have slowly been working on small steps towards organization. I have begun with the kitchen and a schedule for cleaning it little by little.   It does look better and we have tackled the clutter in a couple of other trouble spots so overall the house is in a much better way.  Now to continue fine tuning :)

Goal#3:  Diffusing tension with humor.

Status...always trying! :)
That's really all there is to say about that :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals!

I am going simple this year with the goals.  It seems big, lofty resolutions are just setting people up for failure.  Enthusiasm is high initially, things get stalled, people get tired, resolutions are thrown to the wayside within a few weeks/months.

I often have goals that I am working on anyway so I am just going to make myself accountable here (as long as I actually post about it! Ha!)  My plan is to check in approximately once a month and tweak/change the goals as needed.

These are also going to be quite generic...super specific usually gets me into trouble.

Goal #1:  I will be healthier in one month than I am today.

-Not gonna lie...December was rough on me.  I injured my heel at the end of November (after I had worked my way back up to running regularly and finally running 5 miles again).  Any type of impact exercise caused pain/reinjured it so I did not do much outside of some stretching for the heel.  All of my toned areas are now flabbier than ever :(  On a good note, the heel has felt way better the last 3 mornings than it has in weeks.  It is still a bit off and I am still doing the stretches/wearing the necessary splint, but I am going to attempt walking some distance over the next week.  Still a bit early for running though.

-I would also like to lose at least 5 lbs a month, which could translate into 60 lbs by the end of the year barring any unforeseen situations aka "Baby Don 2.0"  It stills feels odd that any of that even ever happened... 60 lbs would put me in a "healthy weight" range, but seems like such a major feat.   5 lbs a month seems like a much simpler task :)

Goal #2:  I will be more organized in one month than I am today.

Hello, my house. Or life in general :)
-Not sure what exactly this will look like, but surely by the end of the month something somewhere will be more organized in my life even if it is only the silverware drawer!

Goal #3:  I will create laughter to break frustration.

-We have a house filled with a wannabe diva, a 3 year-old, an often annoyed big brother, a little brother who often gets things taken away, a dad easily stressed by any of the above, and a mom often trying to maintain patience with everyone.  So when frustration is riding high as oftentimes happens, then I will try to remember to create laughter instead of caving to the frustration.  This is a successful technique when I have employed it in the past.  Being purposeful about it may help me to employ it more often though.

-If you drive by and see me making silly faces and farting loudly, then just assume that I am working on goal #3 ;)