Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

Obviously not blogging!

Getting back into the swing of things has not been as easy as I was expecting. The school day is fine, it's the hours between work & sleep that seem to not be getting any smoother yet. I am SOOO hoping that Scott's schedule will start settling down sometime very soon so that I can actually feel like I still have a husband! Not only do I miss him & his help, but Luke seems to be having a bit of a hard time too. He keeps waking up during the night (which definitely helps me to get into a good routine during the day, NOT!) asking for "Daddy". Fortunately, most of those times Scott has been home, but then he isn't getting sleep either if his only quality time is spent with Luke in the middle of the night & in the morning to drop him off at the sitter's. Thankfully, Scott did make it home ALOT earlier tonight (9 p.m.-still none too early) so maybe he will get a bit more sleep tonight, unfortunately, it was still well past Luke's bedtime :(

Don't get me wrong, we're VERY thankful that Scott found/has a job in these tough times, but it has been tough getting adjusted to such a severe change in schedule. He does really like his job too so that is a bonus, but I think we're all ready for the "slow time" to hurry up & get here already! :) Until it does though, I'll try not to whine about it here anymore ;) because there really are quite a few exciting things going on around here~Luke's birthday this weekend & several other pieces of news (ours & more) that aren't quite ready to be shared here yet, but soon very soon...what a tease, I know! It is hard for me to concentrate on those things though when life is as I stated above. I mean I haven't even got a cake or the food for the said birthday completely nailed down yet & the party is in 2 days, but it'll all come together even if it does mean all we might end up eating is corn dogs & twinkies! :)

(Don't worry, I'll make sure I do a better job than corn dogs & twinkies! Sorry ICLW visitors that things have been so lame around here this week~I'll try to stop by & visit you at some point, but it may not be anytime during the next few days~thanks so much for stopping by though! And for all of my blogging buddies out there, please don't give up on me, I hope to be back regularly very soon!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big 3-0!

As in my parents' 30th wedding anniversary that is~Congrats Mom & Dad!

I know that I truly take for granted just how special this accomplishment is since this is pretty well the standard in my family (immediate & extended). Divorce is just not something that has happened very much & when I say that I mean that it has only happened (I think?) 3 times in my families, which might sound normal/average until you consider that I have 14 biological aunts & uncles most of whom are married & 56 biological & adopted cousins (1/2 to 3/4 who are also married already!) Add in my parents, both of my grandparents' long marriages, my marriage & my sisters' marriages & that's a whole lot of people with a whole lot of marriage/love experience! I feel blessed to have grown up with so many great examples. That being said, I also realize that the choice to love someone for life is both the easiest & the hardest thing that one will do, but in the end it is so worth it & I hope I am lucky enough to have (at least) 30 years of it too!

How hard can it be with such a great example of two such star-crossed lovers to follow?

Wait a I still talking about my parents?

I asked mom on the phone tonight "So does it feel like it's been 30 years?"

She replied...
"Sometimes. When your father picks at me, it definitely feels like 30 years-it gets old after awhile you know...he only does it to get a rise out of me because he thinks it's funny, but it's not."

Awwwww...can't you just feel the love :)

(Sorry to pick on you mom~I'm not sure where that comes from ;) Congrats again!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

I went back to work today & boy did it feel good to start getting back into a routine again! I love summertime, but I hate the lack of structure because along with it come lazy tendencies, pounds who I hoped were long gone & a feeling of not quite being connected to the world around me.

It will take a few weeks to get totally adjusted back to the routine, but it will be worth it & I am ready for it. Now if Luke & I can just get Scott's schedule to calm down a bit so that we can see him for more than just 20 minutes in the morning (& yes that would be a good 'average' of the total time each day we see him for the past few weeks) than life would be even better. ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Name Change?

Earlier this week, I heard this...

Luke: "Lucas" "Lucas" "Lucas"...

(I thought to myself "Is he saying 'Lucas'?")

Me: "Lucas?"

Luke: (grinning really big-he does this when we finally "get" what he is saying) "Lucas!" "Lucas!" "Lucas!"

Me: "Do you want to change your name to Lucas?"

Luke: (sly smile) "Nooooh!" (fits of giggles)

Me: (laughing) "You're a silly kid!"

No idea where "Lucas" came from out of the blue for him, but he has continued to do it occasionally & every time when I ask him, I get the same reaction...toddlers can be so interesting sometimes :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

La La Land

Do you ever just feel like your floating through life?

That is kind of how I feel this week...

I have so many things that I want/need to get done this week, but I can't quite seem to motivate myself to focus on any one thing...

Oh sure, many of these things are getting done, but other things are getting pushed to the wayside, for example, the blog postings I could be writing...

By the way, school starts next week on Monday. Am I ready? Yeah, but my mind hasn't quite grasped that it is next week yet, however, based on several of my coworkers reactions I can definitely tell that I am in the minority because I am actually eager for the school year to get started this year & I don't feel as if summer sped by far too quickly! :)

And, oh yeah, Luke's birthday (at the end of the month) is coming up far too quickly too...I can't believe he will be 2 years old soon. Am I ready for any of the stuff that comes along with celebrating a birthday? It has actually not even hardly been on my radar until it was kind of 'forced' there this weekend~oh my poor child! :) It also makes me think about how 2 years ago today, we still weren't even for sure that we would really get the chance to become parents, but I am so glad that we did~the journey & all that has come along with it thus far has been so worth it!

Here's hoping that I can get my act together for the rest of the week & the busy weekend ahead!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Friday!

Just two pieces of evidence...


why none of our future children will ever be named Carlton! Much to the dismay of my father-in-law, Carl :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I promise...

that I am still around. The following have not occurred...

I have not been abducted by aliens...

I have not mysteriously disappeared into the Witness Protection Program...

And I have not forgotten that I am a blogger :)

I will be back & hopefully have some new stuff written by tomorrow.

I mean there is the matter of an award to attend to~thanks Michelle & some other things that have been on my mind recently or that have occurred that I need/want to write about, but until then please don't give up on me-I will return! :)

Wait a sec-what is that spinning thing with flashing lights hovering above my house...just kidding! ;)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who: Me, Scott & Luke

What: An afternoon out & about

Where: The local city pool

It was very strange for me, but I did it & I survived!

Inquiring readers may want to know...

Why: Walking into the changing room where I was greeted by 2 students, luckily I was still fully dressed & they didn't seem to find it strange at all, but I KNEW there would be more...

I got into the pool with Luke (who loved it by the way! His dad & I were both excited for this after an experience or two from last summer) & then I heard it...

"Is that her? That looks like Mrs. S! No, that can't be her."

Me (trying not to look, but then I did & YES they were some of my students from last year): "Hello boys, hope you're having a good summer."

"Oh my gosh! It is her! My mom doesn't even come to the pool!"

Oh, they eventually came closer to check out Luke, but the only thing I could think was that I sure hope they weren't traumatized by seeing one of their teachers in a bathing suit & we're going to an out-of-town pool next time! :)