Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Year Ago...

One year ago today is the day we received the call about Luke. I wrote about it in a journal later that evening (actually it was the last entry I ever wrote in that journal too, which seems appropriate since the rest of it was filled with my feelings about the woes of infertility). Here is what I wrote:
"I can hardly believe that I am going to write this, but we've been picked! Someone
(her name is Lisa) wants to let us raise her baby! I can't even express the pure joy
and excitement I felt when the agency called this afternoon. I think I've moved into the
shocked mode (did that really just happen state). I keep checking the caller ID just to
confirm that the agency did call. I've even talked to the birthmom already. [omitting details
about the birthmom for her privacy] She said that she liked our pictures and wants to meet
us. We're talking about heading down there in 2 weeks to see her. She is due Sept. 7th,
but will have to have a C-section because of major back problems. [Birthmom details omitted]
It hardly seems possible that in a matter of a few weeks Scott & I will have a son if
everything goes as planned. She is very insistent that we be there for the delivery & wants no one,
but us to take the baby. I can't even put into words how I feel right now. It's a sort of elation
I've never really felt before along with a "Holy Crap" feeling. I'm definitely going to enjoy this
time in our lives! We've told grandparents and no one else yet-they were excited & I know
everyone else will be too when we do let the secret out! I still need to get in touch
with Susan [lady from the agency] to find out all of the specifics of where we go
from here, but it's pretty wonderful to finally have something more concrete to hold on to!
More good news from the agency-they told me that they also contacted my cousin Brian &
his wife Kyra about a baby today as well! What are the odds of that! I hope we both have
babies home with us very, very soon! :)"
It's hard to believe that it has been a year already. Looking back on it all-it was such a crazy period in our lives those 6 short weeks, but it has all been so worth it. As for the cousins I mentioned in the journal, that specific child did not work out, but they were blessed with being able to adopt a son who was placed with them just a few short months later & who was born exactly a week after Luke! Our families have both truly been blessed!

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Tammy said...

here via the Creme... we are approaching our 5th anniversary of THE call where we first knew our first child existed and the hope, the possibility of finally becoming parents became real. Many blessings to your family...