Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ego Booster or Buster?

Actually, at this point in time, I don't really have much of an ego to boost or bust in regards to my body, but my little guy Luke does his best to unintenionally try! :)

1st scenario:

We were sitting close together and he pokes my arm to get my attention.

Luke:  "Mommy!  Your arm jiggles!"

Me:  "Yes, it does.  I'll have to work on that after the baby arrives."

Luke:  "Your arm jiggles!  You have arm fat!  Lots of arm fat!  I LOOOOVE arm fat!!!!"

(I'm sure glad someone does :)

2nd scenario:

Somehow I found myself in a restaurant bathroom stall with both of the oldest children.  Luke took his turn in a separate stall while Big Sis took her turn in my stall.  Both children were in the stall as I took my turn.  As I go to pull up my maternity pants to cover up my belly Luke declares...

"Wow Mom!  You sure have one BIG belly!  I love it!"

"Gee Thanks!"  was about the only thing I could come up with to say at this point. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Spitach" Anyone?

Last night Little Sis decided to hang out with me as I was making supper.  I was making a ravioli/spinach lasagna type of meal and explaining the steps as I went.  Please keep in mind that she is just one month away from turning 2 while reading this! :)

Me:  "Now it is time to put on the spinach."

Little Sis:  "Puuuuh!" (she spit on the floor!)

Me:  "No spit!  We don't spit in the house.  First, I need to drain the spinach."

Little Sis:  "Puuuh!"

Me:  "No spitting!"

Little Sis just smiles ornery-like at me.  Then I have a realization...

Me:  "Spinach"

Little Sis:  "Puuuh!"

Me:  "Spitting"

Little Sis:  "Puuuh!"

Me:  "Spinach"

Little Sis:  "Puuuh!"

Yep!  She thinks the word spinach is the same as the word spitting :)  Just to test my theory, I told Scott the story when he got home and every.single.time. the word "spinach" came out of my mouth during the guessed it-she would spit!  Every.single.time! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As I was leaving the grocery store, I had to wait at a red light for a bit.  It seemed like it had been quite awhile when finally I noticed that the opposite light had finally turned red.  I glanced up at my light to see it turn green and then saw the truck zipping past in front of me before I had ever even lifted my foot off of the brake (I'm sure that he definitely did not have time to slow down when the light had turned yellow...sure he didn't! ;)
As he zipped through his "yellowish" light, I read the sign that was being pulled behind the truck which said...


Maybe that driver forgot to read his sign before climbing into his truck for the day! :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ace or Base?

No Kidding!

In the last two weeks, three people whom I know personally have had babies.  This is really not that shocking in the grand scheme of things nor has it never happened before, but...

Baby #1 (my cousin's) was named Jase

Baby #2 (my friend/coworker's) was named Case

Baby #3 (friend of the family) was named Jace

My wonderful friend, Lora, who is an aunt to that last baby suggested (after I told her this phenomenon) that maybe we should name this baby Ace!  I also suggested that maybe we should just pick a random consonant and add it to the front of Ace or Ase to make a name that sticks with the trend (e.g. Mace, Base, Dace, Lace, etc.)  We laughed about it, but later that evening as I was perusing some celebrity news, I learned that someone else has already beat us to the punch!

Jessica Simpson :)

At the end of June (I know I'm always a bit behind with news of any kind), she named her baby, you guessed it, ACE!

Sorry Lora...guess we'll have to stick with some random consonant or NOT! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From His Mouth to God's Ear!

Last night Luke came into the house to show me his "treasures"...a baby grasshopper and a baby toad.  Of course, they were only in his hand (not a container) and when he opened his hand to show me the toad-it hopped out.

I quickly went to get a container for the grasshopper so we could catch the toad.  We looked under the recliner where it had hopped-nothing.  We looked under the nearby couch-nothing.  We looked around the nearby toybox-nothing.  He looked behind the TV-nothing.  There was a toad loose in my house!  I am not above having said that if I found the toad it was going to die, which (I should have known better...) brought on panic by the son.

We both calmed down and he continued looking for a few more minutes until bedtime.  Admittedly, he was one very worried little boy as he headed up to bed.  As he was changing in the bathroom, this is the conversation that took place...

Luke:  "Mom, when is God going to come down from Heaven again?"
Me:  "Well, nobody knows that for sure."
Luke:  "Oh...well when God comes down from Heaven, there is something I want to tell him."
Me:  "Is it about your toad?"
Luke:  "Yes"
Me:  "You know that God can hear you all of the time so you can tell him whatever you need to tell him now and he will hear it."
Luke (talking to God):  "God, will you please keep my toad safe and help me find it tomorrow?  Please, God, please."
Me:  "When I said before that the toad would die that is because if it stays stuck in the house-it will die because this isn't the right place for it.  The house doesn't have the right food it needs."
Luke:  "Ok mom.  Will God protect the toad?"
Me:  "If you asked him, he will do his best and we will look for it again tomorrow."

I put him to bed and after a few tosses and turnings and anxiety induced memory moments...he fell asleep.  I went back downstairs and relayed the lost toad information to Scott (who had been outside mowing the grass when all of this occurred) and went to sit down in my recliner.

Lo and behold, out of the corner of my eye, I see something move.  Sitting right there in the middle of the dining room floor is THE TOAD!  I caught it (alive and well mind you) and put it on the fireplace mantel where Luke would see it first thing in the morning.  When he came into our bedroom this morning, I told him that God answered his prayer and there was one happy little boy heading down to the living room to see his what was once "lost" toad! :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


With classes that is :)

Call me a nerd, but I did actually enjoy going back to school and taking classes over the past almost 2 years.   It is, however, also a relief to know that I am done!  Hopefully, I will be getting to spend some more time on here sharing our world with all of you and in the meantime, there is a lot to do in my actual world over the next several weeks too!  It will be great to be able to solely focus on the people and things in my own home knowing that there are no classes hovering in the the near this point too though, it does feel a bit weird to not have a class waiting in the wings! :)

Enjoy the rest of your summers-I will be enjoying mine!!!