Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mrs. Obama vs. Great-Grandma

Conversation you could have overheard when we did our Mother's Day visiting a few weeks back...

Setting:  Great-Grandma's back porch
Time:  Early Afternoon

Great-Grandma:  Anita, why don't you get your kids some sodee...I bet they are thirsty.

Kids:  YEAH! ME...I AM!

Me:  Ok, any thirsty kids need to come help pick out their drinks.

Great-Grandma:  I bet their hungry too.  I will go get a plate of cookies for them.

A few minutes go by...Anita and kids return with cans of lemonade and soda.  Grandpa is sitting on the porch.  Meanwhile, Luke slips away to the kitchen where Great-Grandma is and so is her ever present stash of M&M's.

Grandpa:  (with a smirk ever present) You're not a very good mother giving your kids all of that sugar.  Mrs. Obama would not be happy with you.

Me:  (insert sarcastic voice) Well, Mrs. Obama will just have to not be happy with me then.  I do my best most of the time, but Great-Grandma's house is a different story.

Overheard from the kitchen...

Luke:  Can I have some more M&M's great-grandma?

Great-Grandma:  You can have all you want.  That's what they are there for.

Me: more handful is plenty then come out here.

Great-Grandma arrives back to the porch with a plateful of chewy chocolate chip cookies.  The kids proceed to chow down.  When Big Sis goes back for cookie number 4...

Me:  Big Sis, I think you have had plenty.  No more cookies.

Great-Grandma:  Oh she can have all she wants.  That's what they are there for.

Me:  (looking at my Dad and speaking sarcastically)  How am I supposed to be a "good" mother when your mother says they can have all that they want.  I would like to see Mrs. Obama go head-to-head with Great-Grandma!

Grandpa shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My, my...

How easily 3 months can slip by without a post!

I have missed the ole blog and have good intentions of keeping it better updated over the summer.  Now there may be a sporaticness/unintentional hiatus through the end of June while I finish up my last class, but as for the rest of summer and the rest of the year...I have the best of intentions to get back in gear! :)

Quick updates:

Me-one more class to go and I will have my Reading Endorsement for grades K-8 completed!  28 weeks into this pregnancy and trying to comprehend that in about 12 weeks there will be another little body in this family!  Have I been doing any preparing the, but am starting to think about what needs to be done ;)

Luke-made it through kindergarten and currently likes to call himself a first grader :)  He also discovered a LOVE of math towards the end of the year too!  He will be attending a different class/school in the fall...we're all anxious to see how the transition goes and are hopeful that it will be a good fit for him.

Big Sis-broke her arm about 4 1/2 weeks ago.  The cast came off last week and one would think from how she treats it that the arm is worse off than it was when it was broken.  She definitely needs to be stretching it :)  This incident (with its three weekday trips to St. Louis during the last three weeks of school) also just convinces me even more that these children are conspiring ways to make us have to use up all of our sick days too! ;) She also finished up her first couple months of preschool since turning 3.

Little Sis-is just as big and can do anything the older two can do...if it were up to her!  She definitely has a mind of her own and is giving us a taste of what two will be like for her...opinionated and stubborn! :)  She has watched and learned some of the best habits of both of the older ones and is gearing up to use them out mom & dad-3 more months until she's officially two until then she is practicing up plenty! ;)

Scott-is on the verge of the summer work schedule attack!  It has already been mentioned that there is a possibility he may have to take a turn being out-of-state for at least a week.  Not sure how that would go from my viewpoint, especially considering we'd be 8 months into this pregnancy at that point...maybe some "troops" would be willing to be called in or to take the rest of us in if this happens :)

Looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing again...I have missed writing here on regular basis and am hopeful that I can get back into the groove of it once again.  Hopefully, writing all of those research papers and reading all of those research articles over the past year and a half have not sucked all of the creativity out of me! :)
Enjoy the new look of the blog too!