Friday, February 25, 2011

That's his argument...really?

The other week we were headed off to somewhere...really, I can't remember where at this point, as it seems I am always going somewhere these days. I digress. Let me pick up where I left off...

We were headed on our way to somewhere. I believe I may have been driving, but again I'm going to apologize to you the poor reader for all of these overwhelming details :)

Anyway, at some point, I said to my dear husband..."Well, aren't you a cranky, old man!"
(I know, I know, my sweetness is sometimes overwhelming...please don't gag on the overall sweetness of my endearments!)

Without even hesitating, my dear husband says, "Hey! I'm not cranky!"

To which I replied, "Really? That's all you have to say to that? 'I'm not cranky!' You don't even care that I called you 'old' too?"

He states, "Well...I am old, but I'm not cranky!"

All I could say was "Well, that's good to know...I'll keep in mind that you're an old man at the age of 34!"

As this conversation took place somewhere closer to Valentine's Day~Aren't we just the "picture" of all of that mushy, gushy love stuff !!!
He makes it extra difficult to harass him when he picks the wrong adjective to focus on at times ;)

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