Monday, November 12, 2012

May The Fart Be With You!

If you are expecting a graceful, ladylike post, you will probably want to avert your eyes to another blog at this time.

If you are my mother, you are going to be immensely proud and will probably need a tissue for when your eyes start tearing up from all of those proud feelings you are going to be experiencing.

If you are still with me, enjoy! :)

Last week one morning (not sure if my alarm clock had actually gone off yet or not, but not really the point), Luke came into our bedroom and crawled into bed with me.  Scott was already up and getting ready, so Luke and I enjoyed some snuggle time.

Well, I started to experience some gas and so I thought that I would just set it free, silently of course, but my body had other ideas.  I let one loose and it was a LOOOONG, SLOOOW, LOOOUUUD one!  Definitely not what I was expecting!  I believe I said "Oh my!"

Luke looked at me and said (in a serious voice that sounded like he was about to cry),...
 "Mommy, I'll never be able to fart like you!"

I (trying not to laugh at just how cute he was) responded, "Oh, you will honey!  Someday you'll be big just like me and you'll be able to fart like that too!  You just have to keep working at it!"

He felt better after that and I did too! ;)

P.S.  Thanks to Luke's former preschool teacher for the title of this post...her sarcastic retort was perfect! :)

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