Saturday, February 23, 2013

Remember Me?

Oh yes, we are still here and yes, I have thought that I should write a post on a daily basis since December...but as you know sometimes life has other plans!

Every time I contemplate writing a post, there is homework that I should be doing (like at this particular moment) or dishes that should be washed or children who should be played with or any other various numerous household chores that should be done....lots of excuses, but also valid ones too :)

As far as all of us here, well, we are all doing the best that we can at any given moment.

Scott has been eating better, exercising more, and becoming more healthy since the beginning of the year.  He is also doing his best to keep up with his work, despite, these children continuously wanting us to take sick days to stay home with them (at least he has the option of working from home, which has been a wonderful blessing!)

Luke is 1/2 way through his first official year of school.  He is still full of sweetness and spunk.  He is also still adjusting and has his challenges each and every day, but we are also blessed to have a wonderful school and group of teachers to work with and who are all looking out for his needs/best interests!  I would be lying if I didn't say that it does make me envious at times to listen to other parents' "worries" about their kids and their behavior at school (when I am fully aware that they really have no reason to worry/they have no idea that their kids "issues" are NOT really issues :) especially around parent teacher conference times.  If they had to trade places, they would probably be rocked to their core!  But he is our little man and I wouldn't trade him for anyone else and I just say a prayer of thanks for those parents that their worries are only "trivial" (in my book anyway)!  Sorry for my side bar :)  I have faith that with time, maturity, and consistency, our little man will figure it all out and go on to do great things!

Big Sis is talking all of the time!  She has made so much wonderful progress in the time that she has been with us that my heart could not be any more full!  She has a sweet smile, strong will, and a definite flair for the dramatic, but we wouldn't have her any other way (well maybe during some of her tantrums! just kidding ;)  I am also ready to declare her potty trained!  Hip, hip, hooray!  I actually can't believe how relatively easy it was in comparison to our years long experience with the first one, but I'll take it.  She does still have some accidents, but the girl is also independent and likes doing things herself so that has helped a ton!

Little Sis is ornery!  She has a look and a smile that says it all :)  She is also very busy-you can find her in any room at any moment doing her thing!  She loves playing with Big Sis and/or Luke at any given time.  She can play nice and sweet with sister or rough house it up with big brother, Luke.  With her it makes no difference! She is definitely the easy going one of the bunch! :)  Her speech is starting to emerge with a few words (we understand) and she has a wonderful understanding of the things we say to her!  She is a spunky little one who makes us all smile!

As for me, I've been okay.  My back had been bothering me, as of the last time I wrote, so I hadn't been running.  December also brought with it several bouts of illness for me.  A week of slight diarrhea/nausea; a 2-3 day fever after Christmas.  My sister and I started talking about which 1/2 marathon we wanted to do this spring and had sort of decided upon one, but I was still not feeling the best.  My back was better, but after the fever, I was left with tons of snot.  This turned into a sore throat/swollen lymph node in my neck, some nausea and a fatigue that I just couldn't shake.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to start training again!  I finally called the doctor after the sore throat had been around for several days along with the lymph node issue.  I was fairly certain that I would not be able to do the 1/2 marathon because I had self-diagnosed myself with Mono.  As the doctor started asking routine questions...
Are you pregnant?  "no"
What was the date of your last menstrual cycle?  (counting)...8 weeks?
Is it normal for you to go that long in between? "Well, it used to be because I never had any idea when it would come, but this is the longest it's been in the last 2 years..."
Could you be pregnant?  "I highly doubt it, but I guess maybe..."

I was diagnosed with sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics.  I picked up a pregnancy test along with my prescription and when I got home, I saw something that I had never seen before...

a positive pregnancy test!

I went into shock for a bit and then shared it with Scott (I hadn't said anything to him because I didn't want to give him any false hope.)  He also went into shock! :)

So, as of tomorrow, I will be 14 weeks pregnant and officially in my second trimester and still not completely sure that this is actually happening, but so so happy!  I will also NOT be partaking in the 1/2 marathon, but instead doing the 4 mile walk with my sister, Beth, while Em runs the 1/2 :)

After 9 1/2 years, it is definitely hard to believe that this particular dream is actually happening, but while it does we are cherishing the full house we have already been blessed with over the past 8 months too!  And we'll continue looking forward to a special arrival coming August 2013!


Jamie said...

Amazing news!! Congratulations!!

Michelle said...

Congrats, Momma! That's awesome.

Here's the link to my new blog, if you're interested...


Anita said...

Thanks Michelle! :)
I've been wanting to email you for it. ..just hadn't gotten to it yet.