Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mrs. Obama vs. Great-Grandma

Conversation you could have overheard when we did our Mother's Day visiting a few weeks back...

Setting:  Great-Grandma's back porch
Time:  Early Afternoon

Great-Grandma:  Anita, why don't you get your kids some sodee...I bet they are thirsty.

Kids:  YEAH! ME...I AM!

Me:  Ok, any thirsty kids need to come help pick out their drinks.

Great-Grandma:  I bet their hungry too.  I will go get a plate of cookies for them.

A few minutes go by...Anita and kids return with cans of lemonade and soda.  Grandpa is sitting on the porch.  Meanwhile, Luke slips away to the kitchen where Great-Grandma is and so is her ever present stash of M&M's.

Grandpa:  (with a smirk ever present) You're not a very good mother giving your kids all of that sugar.  Mrs. Obama would not be happy with you.

Me:  (insert sarcastic voice) Well, Mrs. Obama will just have to not be happy with me then.  I do my best most of the time, but Great-Grandma's house is a different story.

Overheard from the kitchen...

Luke:  Can I have some more M&M's great-grandma?

Great-Grandma:  You can have all you want.  That's what they are there for.

Me: more handful is plenty then come out here.

Great-Grandma arrives back to the porch with a plateful of chewy chocolate chip cookies.  The kids proceed to chow down.  When Big Sis goes back for cookie number 4...

Me:  Big Sis, I think you have had plenty.  No more cookies.

Great-Grandma:  Oh she can have all she wants.  That's what they are there for.

Me:  (looking at my Dad and speaking sarcastically)  How am I supposed to be a "good" mother when your mother says they can have all that they want.  I would like to see Mrs. Obama go head-to-head with Great-Grandma!

Grandpa shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

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