Thursday, May 29, 2014

What in the h___?

If I somehow end up in hell when I die, I think the devil will have baskets and baskets lined up ready for me. Baskets? you ask.  Yes, and they will be full of socks to match and fold....I HATE matching and folding socks.



Each of the above socks is one from pairs that belong to my son, Luke.  Please take note of the variety of lengths, anything from ankle to regular.  This, in and of itself, is okay and not a big deal.  Now look carefully, at the three pairs with writing on the toes, then pay careful attention that four pairs also have gray heels/toes, and then pay extra attention to the fact that some of them have ribbed tops and some do not.

Any one of these details by itself is wonderful, but when you put them into a variety of combinations/ becomes quite maddening!!!!

Who is to blame for this?
1) Me & Scott as we do buy him new socks for back-to-school season
2) Santa Claus who also brings new socks at Christmas...maybe he is actually the devil in disguise...

And these are just Luke's socks!  Same.exact.problem.for.every.single.member.of.this.household....

7 subtly different socks x 6 people in this household = Me feeling my mind slowly starting to break when dealing with this task

Life is too short.  I may just start throwing random loner socks into each of our drawers.  If you see us out and about with mismatched socks on our feet, please note that at least our feet are warm and we are trying to prevent insanity not display it! :)

And just keep it to yourself! ;)

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