Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Milestones, Baby!

Poor Don!

His milestones are just not being recorded...

At 10 1/2 months, he:

*has 4 teeth-two on bottom and two on top (they started coming in around 8 months)

*is crawling up a storm.  He has about 3-4 different crawling techniques (army crawl, one knee/one foot, actual crawl) and he moves effortlessly between each as he is moving from one place to another.  If he really needs to get somewhere quickly, he goes into full out army crawling motion!

*is cruising all over the place and standing on his own momentarily

*can crawl up the steps, but has no idea how to come down safely

*has several words in his vocabulary..."Mom", "Dada", "Yay" (when he claps), "Hey"

*smiles constantly and loves to laugh

*giggles easily when he gets tired

*stopped nursing around 9 months.  He was exclusively breastfed until around 3 months.  My supply continued to gradually dwindle after I went back to work.  Around 8 months, I dropped him to only 1 or 2 nursing times a day and at 9 months gave it up for good.  I did miss it, but it was also amazing how much time I had dedicated at work to was nice being able to actually talk to people again/have time to plan properly :)

*is eating solid food and loving it

*can do a pretty awesome imitation of a growl...those who know us personally are challenged to guess whom he learned that skill from ;)

*loves exploring everything!

*has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and if I knew all babies would be this "easy" I'd probably have 10 of them! ;)

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