Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Get-away

This weekend we traveled many hours via minivan for a quick trip to the South...

The Highlights:
*Having our first ever face-to-face visit with Luke's birthmom since Luke's birth, needless to say, it went very well & has helped to ease some of the apprehension that we had been left with from Luke's birth/hospital stay
*Getting to visit with Scott's sister, Mary, & her main squeeze, Dan
*Finding out that Luke is way NOT scared of people in big animal/mascot costumes
*Watching Luke try to coax a cat (who is quite frightened of children apparently) out from under a bed
*When the 2 year old in the vehicle repeats things he hears in the adults' conversations & the phrase he continually repeats is "the roof, the roof" & at least 3 adults in the said vehicle then think about & discuss teaching the 2 year old to say "The roof, the roof is on fire!"
*Luke & his Aunt Mary looking for monkeys in her closet
*Aunt Mary & "uncle" Dan setting high standards for the nephew by trying to encourage him into a career of table dancing (BTW-thanks for trying to help out with the college fund ;)

*Luke did AWESOME with the super long car rides both ways (we're talking 9ish hours) AND that is without any forms of electronic entertainment (unless you count the Toddler Tunes CD that got played only a couple of times on the van stereo!) It was just good old fashioned fun-naps, watching the scenery, looking for semis, reading books & just plain old goofiness on the parts of everyone in the car :) It is nice to know that all of the "stuff" we people need to keep ourselves entertained just really isn't that necessary sometimes, plus it made for lots of great bonding time! ;)
*I was not surprised about being nervous for the meeting with Luke's birthmom, but I was surprised at the immediate relief/lack of nervousness that I felt once we were all actually face-to-face. It was almost surprising to believe that it had actually been over 2 years since we had all seen each other & it surprised me at just how unbashful Luke was towards all of them (especially since he has a tendency to be that way when meeting new/different people.)
*That all of a sudden I realize that this baby is due in only 6 1/2 weeks & could most likely be here right around a month from now & CRAP I have done absolutely nothing yet to prepare for a baby to actually come home with us!!! Maybe I should start thinking about that :)


Lora said...

Glad you had a good trip! We'll have to catch up some time this week.

sheryl said...

Yes, I am glad to hear that your trip went well! I am super glad to hear that Luke did so well!!