Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need a little encouragement...

Yes, it takes supreme talent to be able to make up things like I did below, but please hold your applause ;)

Potty training here at our house has been an ongoing process for quite a long time now...it's been frustrating at times, but the biggest struggle has definitely been getting Luke to want to #2 on the potty. (Don't worry-he knows how to do everything & when he needs to go, he just doesn't want to go on the potty...he could be in underwear if he wanted too, but being the little boy that he is-it is soooo much more fun to "water" the rug, the side of the tub, the floor, or anything else he feels like when he wants to be ornery during bathroom time!)

The other night he had poopy pants, but I could tell that he still needed to go & after a few encouraging words about which muscles to squeeze, he managed to squeeze out just a little bit more! This was cause for great celebration on my part, as well as dad's :) We cheered, we praised, we loaded him up with M&M's ;)

So the next day, when we tried to have him try again, what can I say, the words just came out of me...

(chant it :)
"Butt Cheeks, Butt Cheeks
Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze!
Poop come out
Please, please, Please!"

No poop that time, but I'll take the sound of my little boy's laughter anyday!
(& hopefully poop in the pot someday!)


Carrie27 said...

Bwahaha! Creative mommy!

We did the sticker chart with A. A sticker for each potty, and a special sticker for #2 - plus some icecream or something really special.

Aubrey said...

Very cute!! If it works (which it just might sooner or later), keep a singin!!

sheryl said...