Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Adventure...Part 1

When I wrote this & said "Scott & I will, hopefully, be towards the end of the beginning stages of a new journey that we have decided to embark on with our family...", I had no idea that those plans would be postponed. I had planned on writing about them by now because I thought we'd be almost 1/2 way through the process & that I would have more of an idea of what we are getting ourselves into, but "the best laid plans..."


Well, here's the deal, Scott & I have decided to pursue foster care parenting. We were to start classes 2 weekends ago, which we did, but they were cancelled before we could attend our next set of classes due to low numbers. No big deal really, we just had to reschedule, but it's kind of like when you're right in the middle of a great show/movie & then, for some reason, you have to wait several more weeks before you can see the ending~it's annoying :)

Our classes will resume towards the end of April & our journey will continue then, but until that time I guess I'll just have to post some posts about the various thoughts that have been going on in my head about this new adventure, what it means, how it feels, etc until we can see "the end." ;)

To be continued...