Thursday, July 28, 2011

Animal House

We have been "blessed with babies" all around us this week.

We have two female cats (along with a male & two old grouchy cats as well). Neither of these cats has been very fertile up to this point, in fact, the lone male cat has been the only "kitten" from those two females to survive to adulthood around here.

We live in the country (coyotes, farm equipment during harvest, etc) & along a bit of a heavily traveled road, so oftentimes, kittens have not had much success around here.

Let's just say, our cats have decided to be fertile now...

*one of the females has 2 kittens (which isn't actually that fertile, but just wait until you get to the end of the story) that could go to a new home at any time (any takers?! :)

Luke & I were playing outside one day this week and discovered a new little kitten belonged to our beloved cat, Sassy (who keep in mind has only ever had ONE kitten at a time!)...a little while later we were back outside and much to our surprise there was the kitten again only it was a completely different color (oh yay, she actually had TWO kittens!)...yet a little bit later we were once again outside (are you sensing a theme here? :) and we saw the two little kittens together only neither of these two kittens looked anything like the two kittens we had already seen and played with (OMG FOUR KITTENS!)

The hunt began and soon enough we found where the litter was staying, just off our porch in the forest of weeds! FIVE kittens!!!!!

Anyone going to be needing a mouser for the winter months? :)

P.S. After several unsuccessful attempts much to Scott's chagrin, we were also blessed with baby bunnies yesterday too! (I don't think that I have ever posted about Scott's dreams of being a rabbit farmer...I sense a post in his future ;) Let the rabbit farmin' begin...finally! :)

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