Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Good Dad!

Today is Valentine's Day and I did not get flowers today, but I did get something even better...a reminder of why I married him in the first place!

We finally got some snow today (about an inch), but the irony was that there was supposed to be a high of 38 degrees today so I knew that it would all be melted before we all ever even got back home to even enjoy it. :(

So I mentioned to Scott that maybe he could give Luke a ride in his sled since it might be his only chance with the way this winter is going.  He happily agreed to it and so before Scott fed all of the animals and while I loaded up the car, Luke got a ride around the yard in his brand new sled.

Yes, it may have only lasted a matter of minutes, but the smile on Luke's face said it all-pure joy!

What a good dad! :)

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