Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Darndest Things!

Yesterday at school...
While checking on my kindergartners at the bathroom one of my girls comes out of the bathroom and says "[name removed to protect the not so innocent :)] said 'sexy'!"
Out comes the boy from his bathroom and when I ask him if he said a word that he shouldn't have, he responded, "NO!  I said 'I'm sexy and I know it!'"  (It's a line from a song just in case you are unfamiliar with it-ahem, my mom & dad ;)  I reminded him that it was still not appropriate and that he shouldn't be saying it.

Fast forward to today...
As my second graders are walking out to lunch recess, one of my boys comes walking up to me as he was walking through the gym singing, "I'm sweaty and I know it!"
I couldn't help laughing and now that version has been stuck in my head all day! :)


This evening Luke wanted to play in the sandbox so we trotted outside.  Grandma and grandpa's dogs wandered over as they always do anytime we happen to be outside.  This always results in our puppy, Chester, going completely crazy!  He cannot wait to get loose so that he can wrestle, chase, play with the other dogs.  Unfortunately, Chester is also a boy dog and despite being fixed, he does still like to act like a boy dog and do that thing that boy dogs just love to do when one of the dogs is around.

Well, tonight he started to do what boy dogs love to do to the other dog and Luke looks up from his sandbox and says...

"Look mom, Chester is getting a piggyback ride from him!  He sure is holding on tight!"

"Hmm, yeah, a piggyback ride" was about the only response I could give at the time. :)

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