Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Something Different to Look At....

that's what this post is all about!

I have been hearing from readers....

"I keep checking the 'Faith Hope and Poop' and it always just says '8 weeks'.  You know he's almost 6 months now so it's been awhile...'"


"When are you going to update your blog?"

Ok,Ok...so it's just mom & dad but still it does feel nice to know someone has been checking up on us here AND that my writing has been missed :-)

To be completely honest-I have missed it tremendously too but have chosen sleep or washing dishes on many occasions over writing here.

My hope is to make it back here at least one a week from this point on, but don't be surprised if it is several months again either!

Just remember...THIS BLOG IS NOT DEAD AND GONE YET!!! :)

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