Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What A Classic!

Sooo...I found this quiz/list awhile back titled something like "Are You Well Read?"  I don't remember my score, but it wasn't very high-upper teens/low twenties.  I decided that maybe I would try to read some of the books off of the list.  There were several on the list that seem to be ones that (well at least the TV people say...) you hear about kids reading in school, however, I don't recall very many of them having been ones that I was required to read in school.

I am dubbing this as "The Year of the Classics" :)  Of course, some of the books on the list are fairly recent books, but I started with a couple of classics.

First up was The Great Gatsby.  Now to my credit, I did actually try to read this one back in junior high/high school, but gave up on it after a week or so.  I enjoyed it much more as an adult! :)

Next up was To Kill a Mockingbird.  I enjoyed this one very much, but if you have been reading here any length of time at all then you may remember that it touches on one of the themes I like to read about...race relations.

Currently, I am working my way through The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and I am amused that one kid could have so many different adventures on one little ole raft! :)
I also really enjoy trying to decipher some of the dialect!  I know...nerd ;)

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