Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals!

I am going simple this year with the goals.  It seems big, lofty resolutions are just setting people up for failure.  Enthusiasm is high initially, things get stalled, people get tired, resolutions are thrown to the wayside within a few weeks/months.

I often have goals that I am working on anyway so I am just going to make myself accountable here (as long as I actually post about it! Ha!)  My plan is to check in approximately once a month and tweak/change the goals as needed.

These are also going to be quite generic...super specific usually gets me into trouble.

Goal #1:  I will be healthier in one month than I am today.

-Not gonna lie...December was rough on me.  I injured my heel at the end of November (after I had worked my way back up to running regularly and finally running 5 miles again).  Any type of impact exercise caused pain/reinjured it so I did not do much outside of some stretching for the heel.  All of my toned areas are now flabbier than ever :(  On a good note, the heel has felt way better the last 3 mornings than it has in weeks.  It is still a bit off and I am still doing the stretches/wearing the necessary splint, but I am going to attempt walking some distance over the next week.  Still a bit early for running though.

-I would also like to lose at least 5 lbs a month, which could translate into 60 lbs by the end of the year barring any unforeseen situations aka "Baby Don 2.0"  It stills feels odd that any of that even ever happened... 60 lbs would put me in a "healthy weight" range, but seems like such a major feat.   5 lbs a month seems like a much simpler task :)

Goal #2:  I will be more organized in one month than I am today.

Hello, my house. Or life in general :)
-Not sure what exactly this will look like, but surely by the end of the month something somewhere will be more organized in my life even if it is only the silverware drawer!

Goal #3:  I will create laughter to break frustration.

-We have a house filled with a wannabe diva, a 3 year-old, an often annoyed big brother, a little brother who often gets things taken away, a dad easily stressed by any of the above, and a mom often trying to maintain patience with everyone.  So when frustration is riding high as oftentimes happens, then I will try to remember to create laughter instead of caving to the frustration.  This is a successful technique when I have employed it in the past.  Being purposeful about it may help me to employ it more often though.

-If you drive by and see me making silly faces and farting loudly, then just assume that I am working on goal #3 ;)

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