Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 Goals Status Report

Goal #1:  Be healthier in one month than I was at the beginning of the month.

I have been using the myfitnesspal app consistently again to record my food each day.  I have lost almost 7 pounds total,  but only a net of 3 pounds from my starting weight.  I yoyoed around mid month. I have also been testing my heel with walks on the weekends.   I am going to try to throw a walk in sometime during the week this week too.  My heel is so close to being healed it's ridiculous.  This also means that it is also in that place where it is very easy to reinjure it as well.

Goal #2:  Be more organized.

Status. ..progressing.
My silverware drawer does look good though!  :)  I have slowly been working on small steps towards organization. I have begun with the kitchen and a schedule for cleaning it little by little.   It does look better and we have tackled the clutter in a couple of other trouble spots so overall the house is in a much better way.  Now to continue fine tuning :)

Goal#3:  Diffusing tension with humor.

Status...always trying! :)
That's really all there is to say about that :)

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