Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Little Spitball

Don has learned to stick out his tongue and spit. How he learned this (ahem) I will never know?! ;)

Anyway, he uses this new trick whenever he is playing chase or at just the right exact moment in any given conversation.

For this next story, you also need to know that he is an excellent scavenger.  If anybody (especially one of his siblings) leaves a piece of food laying on the table, he will grab it as he is passing by.

So, this morning he was doing just that and I said, "Don, stop and leave it there!"

He looked straight at me, stuck his tongue out, and spit!

(I did not laugh, but it is difficult because he is so dang cute when he does it, however, I also know it will not be in just a few years ;)

I looked at him and said, "Should we roll you up into a ball and call you a 'Spitball'?"

He looked right at me, wrinkled his little nose, smiled, and said "YA!"

Oh, dear Lord have mercy on us for this child may have inherited my sense of humor! :)

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