Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again!

The end of school is once again at hand, which leads to....

*Students becoming more and more pumped as each day passes.  It really is amazing that teachers/schools can keep things running as smoothly as they do this time of year!

*Despite their enthusiasm and energy during the course of the school day, these very same students (my children included) have become more and more difficult to motivate very first thing in the morning.  Their little bodies have gone into summertime mode and refuse to more quickly or at all every.single.morning.  It really is amazing that parents are continuing to show up to work sanely this time of year!

*Not gonna lie-I was just part of a discussion about whether the first ten days or the last ten days of school are the hardest as a parent in the morning.  The last ten days won hands down.  Please weigh in if you have a strong opinion either way :)

*My kids still have 4 days left...kudos to all of you who will finish up earlier this week.  And my God be with those of you who still have a ways to go! ;)

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