Saturday, February 13, 2010

Was there a conspiracy?

My husband is always one for sniffing out those conspiracies that no one would ever think of-he loves a good conspiracy theory. So when the following conversation was held the other day, he thought that maybe he was on to something!

I had just finished a pull-up changing session when Luke decided to stand up & say "Yes We Can!" I proceeded to say "What Luke? Are you a President Obama fan? Are you wanting to campaign for him?"

Meanwhile, Scott, who was working in the office & eavesdropping on our conversation says "Why? What did he say?"

I repeated the fact that Luke had said "Yes we can!" which was one of Obama's catchphrases & Scott says "I wonder if the 'Bob the Builder' people were upset that he stole their line? They could probably sue-it was probably some kind of conspiracy to rip off Bob the Builder!"

Who knew that a childrens' program could provide such a catchy (& winning) campaign slogan? I'm surprised that Fox News hadn't ever caught on to this! :)

Conspiracy? You be the judge! ;)

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PFM said...

That is too funny. My son loves Bob. I never put 2 and 2 together. You guys could be on to something.