Monday, February 8, 2010

You know you're getting older when...

The idea of a fun filled-night of good times & beverages (of the alcoholic nature) sounds like a great idea, but then you decide against it because you know that you will be awakened before the crack of dawn (4:30-5 a.m.) by a busybody toddler who has no concept of what it means to rest at that time of the day.

This was our Saturday night at a get together with some of my coworkers, oh it was still fun, but the thought of being able to let loose without being awakened at some ungodly hour still sounds heavenly.

Oh, college days, where did you go? :) Let's face it, life moves on, which is fabulous, but one lesson I have definitely learned as I have gotten older is

letting loose + toddler alarm clocks = NO FUN AT ALL!

Anyone want a little visitor for a nice "overnight stay" anytime soon? ;)

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Anonymous said...

I know what your talking about. Everytime a social event occurs, Heath and I have a recurring debate whether loading Corbin up (and his trunkload of stuff) to have someone watch him where he almost certainly won't get enough sleep, or will get too much sleep, or not eat enough, thus ensuring many wake-ups through the night followed by the early 5 am up for the day wake-up is worth the few hours of socialization. Most of the time sleep wins. We were hoping once he made it through the babystage it would be easier. Apparently not.