Friday, September 24, 2010


"I'll be there for you..."
And they were, every Thursday night for 10 years...
Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler & Joey
to fill my world with laughter! This is still probably my all-time favorite show and I do miss getting to watch "new" stuff, but thanks to the wonderful world of technology-DVD's can bring them back to me at any time.
"when the rain starts to pour..."
This show & these "friends" have been part of some of my most fun memories (I'm thinking as a prelude to 'Thirsty Thursday' evenings in college! :)
This show has been part of some of my most not-so-fun memories (Scott & I purchased one of the season's on DVD to distract ourselves when we were down in Georgia after Luke had been born & things looked like they might not be turning out so well for us at that point. I give thanks every day that that didn't happen!)
"I'll be there for you..."
until one day they weren't going to be anymore because the show was ending...
"Like I've been there before..."
and then a DVD collection was purchased, so that they could be once more ;)
"I'll be there for you..."
because of all of the laughter you have brought into my little world & I still laugh each & everytime to this day.
"cause you're there for me too."
*kudos to the Rembrandts for such a catchy theme song & for parts of my blog post today :)

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Michelle said...

Friends is MY FAVORITE! There still is not a show that has replaced my beloved Friends! I'm with you girl!