Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#7 Teaching

Teaching is not only what I do, but it is what I love!

I love the kids, I love the work & I love that this is what I get to do with my life each day (& with summers off too, except for summer school! ;)

I may not have my own classroom full of my "own" students, but I do have the opportunity to call several different classrooms that I visit each day "mine." I know that I have not made a difference in every student's life that I have come into contact with, but as for the few that I know I is an amazing feeling & one that can't really be explained.
It makes my job worth it!

I've always known that I wanted to help people in some way-for awhile in my early college days, I thought that meant the health field, but it just never felt completely "right." It was & still is something that I just couldn't quite explain, but something that I just "knew" even if it did take me a couple of years to figure that out for certain. Initially, I thought maybe I had just "settled" upon teaching when I decided to pursue it, but once I started classes-I knew I had found the path I was supposed to be on all along.

I have had my fair share of bumps & dashed hopes along the way, but in the end I know that I will have made a difference (at least to a few) & that those students have forever touched my heart as well & that hopefully, the world is just a little bit better place because of it too! :)

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Michelle said...

Teaching is a gift! I'm so glad you are doing what you love! :)