Sunday, April 3, 2011

One week to go...

til the big race day!!!

I'm glad that this last week of training is an "easy" one, but those 13.1 miles are approaching quickly~only 7 more days!

I know I can go the whole distance, my hope is to be able to run all of it, I believe it is quite doable (as long as this crazy, freaking wind stays away!!! It is definitely my downfall-give me cold, hot, rain, whatever, but high winds make for high difficulty in my running attempts! :)

I'll try to update on here as soon as I can next weekend with how it goes!!!


Michelle said...

WOw! Good luck! I have 3 weeks and 5 days til my big race day!! I can't wait to see how it goes. xoxoxo

Anita said...

Thanks Michelle! :)

I've been thinking about you for many reasons, one of which is your training & hoping that it is going well!
Good luck in 3 weeks and 5 days!!! :)