Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things I Don't Understand...

and am probably too cynical to ever understand ;)

"Car People" or in rural areas "Tractor People"- I just don't understand salivating over a certain car, certain brand of car/tractor, or the people who claim that their brand is the ONLY brand that is acceptable.  Here comes the cynical :)...I believe that every brand has it's "dud" and that every brand probably has at least one product that is pretty good.  I've also always disliked the whole "dream car" question because for me a car is a car-as long as it gets me where I need to go (& has ample leg room/space, which most "dream cars" do not) then I'm okay with it.

Politicians-I believe that 99% of them are just telling you whatever they think you need to hear at that moment (or whatever the "party brand" is at the time) to get your vote...maybe 1% of them are in it for the right reasons ;)

Making Excuses-I am VERY guilty of doing this one too, but I am also always catching myself doing this and then turning around and apologizing for it :(  I've learned that excuses just lead to more excuses and basically they're pretty much all BS anyway!  I am really trying to work on this one all of the time, but it's just so hard! (Did you catch that one there? Just trying to make sure you're still paying attention! hehe ;)

And finally...

How when my "plate" in life is fairly full, I can still manage to squeeze a few more big things into it! 
Here's to a "plate" that may just runneth over soon, but hopefully it won't take my mind with it! :)

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