Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ugly Driver

Earlier this week, there was an incident in the Walmart parking lot.  I was pulling into the parking lot as I normally do and there was (as usual) a long line of cars waiting at the stop sign.  I watched as one car pulled out as I was approaching and I saw the little red car behind it stop at the stop sign too.  Now to throw out a few of my fake statistics, usually 95% of the cars pull into the parking lot and turn right immediately, but there is the option to keep driving straight as one pull's into the parking lot and I am one of those 5% who ALWAYS keeps on driving straight ahead.

As you may have guessed, the little red car stopped at the stop sign and just continued to pull on out!  Luckily, I slammed on the brakes and somehow was able to not completely T-bone the little red car.

I looked over at the driver (a really old little man with an old woman sitting next to him) and he was yelling at ME!  I motioned to him that he was supposed to stop.  Of course, our windows were up so I could not hear the guy, but it was clear to me that he was yelling at me that I was the one who was wrong and that I was supposed to turn.  I shook my head no and dropped my jaw in disbelief as he mouthed the word


At me!  He then appeared to try to flip me off with his ring finger and drove away!

I admit that I was quite shaken up by the whole ordeal!  I am definitely NOT a "road rage" type of person and rarely even get upset with other drivers...I prefer to just tsk, tsk them as unsafe drivers.  Plus, he had been so nasty towards me and he was COMPLETELY the one in the wrong in every.single.way!  I was trying to hold back my tears as I walked into the store when I saw one of my super little students.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me walk in and I went right up to her and told her...

"THANK YOU!"  because she had just made my world a little bit brighter after such an ugly incident!

I do have to admit that I was all ready to come on here later that day and type some nasty statement "to the man in the parking lot", but as I was walking around the store I thought "no" because then I would be putting that same kind of ugliness out into the world.  Plus, one never really knows the other side of the story.  Maybe that guy had just been told that he only had a few months to live, maybe he had just been treated rudely by someone else, maybe the store was out of his favorite kind of ice cream, maybe he was just having a really bad day, or maybe he is just an a#%, but whatever the case may be it felt good to know that I "broke his cycle" of ugliness that day and did not pass it on to someone else.  I just hope he was nice to everyone else he met that day!

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