Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Hear Those...

Holidays Coming! (And I can hardly wait :)

Last night on my way to church for a meeting, I happened upon a radio station playing Christmas songs and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The urge to start watching holiday shows/Christmas movies is creeping in too.

Visions of Christmas card ideas and things to write in the letter this year are invading my brain.

Christmas shopping...eh...not really all that excited about this one...pretty much because I have zero ideas/inspiration of gifts for anybody, except Luke (lucky guy!)  Kind of wishing that just the joy of each other's company (for the adults anyway...kids still need presents ;) would be enough at all of the gatherings this year.

But, most of all, Thanksgiving will soon be here!  And, oh, how I loooove Thanksgiving.  It's not just the food...it's a feeling.  A feeling of gratefulness for all of the blessings that life has given.  A feeling of love and being surrounded by those you love (and it helps that the food is so good too...it makes it easier to pull everyone in ;)  It's just a nice feeling to have and it makes for a nice start to the Christmas season where this feeling becomes even more prevalent (as long as it's not taken over by the stress of the "giving and receiving" part of the holidays.)

So, this holiday season, instead of stressing about all of those things that I would normally stress about...I'm just going to enjoy the feeling of it all and do my best to not let all of the "other stuff" get in the way!

Here come the holidays! :)

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