Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things People Say (or not!)

The social media world is full of fun little sayings/themes like "Throwback Thursday"or "Fun Day Sunday", but around this house we are blessed with a husband/dad who makes up his own!

"Blue Jeans Wednesday" for example has arisen because (I think) that he is slightly perturbed by the lack of blue jeans wearing by our children.  He has taken over the laundry and when girls only want to wear dresses and the big boy only wants to wear jogging pants aka "comfy pants" then the laundry guy feels the need to encourage the children to wear those nice clean blue jeans.  In my humble opinion, the fight is not worth it, but to each his own :)

"No Carry Thursdays" is another one of his popular days.  This is in regard to the third and smallest child in this house.  He is in charge of getting her to daycare most days and continues to carry her inside, mostly because she has stayed quite petite compared to any of the other children (even her younger brother!)  This one mostly occurs between she and her father because this mother stopped carrying her a looong time ago! :)

Another phrase that gets thrown around quite often is "Fine! You are not my best friend!"  This one is all big sis!  When she has been wronged, you can guarantee that you will be on the receiving end of this insult.  No worries, though, once she has forgiven you then you will once again here "Ok. You can be my best friend!" :)

I can fairly guarantee that none of these will catch on in the world outside of this house, but if you hear otherwise feel free to let us know! ;)

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