Thursday, February 26, 2015


"That was GREAT!  Confession is the best thing ever!  It was just the best!  I want another turn...can I go to Fr. Mark now?!  It was just soo great!"

Say all of that in one breath while running back and forth at the back of church.  This is what it was like for Luke after his First Reconciliation last night.

As soon as he got done talking to one priest, he was ready to make his second confession with the other :)

We are so proud of him!  He did a nice job last night and was so enthusiastic afterwards.

I mentioned that dad and I would still need to go sometime during Lent, since we were not able to do it last night due to other circumstances.  I also mentioned that he could go with us and do it again when we go if he would like.  "YES!  It is the best thing ever!" :)

Can't believe he's old enough to be receiving these sacraments!

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