Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Lord Provides For Those That Wait!

What have we been waiting for you ask?


Now I am well aware that some places have been blessed with an overabundance of the wonderful white stuff this winter and that many people are ready to be done with it, but here at the Faith, Hope, & Poop household not so much.

Every reported forecast for us so far this winter has become rain by the time it actually arrived at our house.

Now I do not want to completely mislead you.  We have had one good measurable/play in the snow snowfall. THANKSGIVING DAY!  Not.even.winter.then.

We have waited and waited through many false hopes and this past week we were rewarded with an ENTIRE week of snow days! :)

Our sleds are no longer sad, our snowsuits were happy to be worn, and our boots felt so nice on our feet.

AND it is snowing more as I sit here and type.  Big, beautiful snowflakes.

Yes, the kids probably should have been in school learning or whatever it is they do at school ;)

Yes, I should probably have been working or whatever it is I do at school :)

BUT...we have had a great week together and there is no better excitement than getting the call each day saying that you have another free day at home!

Yes, we will be going longer into May than we might have, but on the plus side....daily lunch recess duty is so much warmer in May than February! ;)

P.S.  This post is (hopefully) brought to you in a coherent fashion despite Don's attempts at helping me type it.

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