Sunday, April 27, 2008

Diaper Rash Wars

We've been fighting the dreaded diaper rash for the last couple of days and let me tell you-sometimes I think it's just a losing battle! We've been applying all of the different creams and changing diapers regularly, but it is proving to be a worthy foe against all of our ammunition. I've also done some reading on the situation and everything I read says (along with what we're already doing) that "if possible, let the baby go diaperless for a few hours" to let him/her air out. I say that's all fine and dandy maybe if you have a girl because although they can have projectile peeing, most of the time if all they're able to do is sit-it will just happen directly underneath them. However, with a boy-it is always going to be projectile peeing-there is just no way around it! Are supposed to just let him be one with nature in his birthday suit happy & free and then clean up the messes wherever they may fall. Or could we use this as an experimentation with early potty training by setting up buckets all around him as "targets" and just hope he hits them! :) We could always try to get him to the toilet in time, but wouldn't that be a hilarious sight-me &/or Scott running with the baby to the potty (probably ending up with a mess to have to clean up anyway!) All I do know is that the battle continues... & hopefully we will come out victorious!

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