Friday, April 25, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Dear Luke,
I'm always curious as I sit and watch you play. First of all, I'm very glad that at (almost) 8 months of age you seem to have no problem playing independently for good stretches of time-it's a blessing that many people don't have when their children are that age! I am quite fascinated by all of the facial expressions (frowns, smiles, shocked, excited) you can make in a 30 second interval when playing with a toy. It makes me wonder things like what did the toy do to you, is hearing that same sound for the 10,000th time really that exciting, are you thinking about how to make it work again or a cure for cancer that you'll have forgotten by the time you can actually speak... You also always watch thing very intently. For instance, everytime I carry you down the stairs-you always have to crank your neck/body around so that you can watch my hand hold onto the banister as we go down-which makes me you know something important about that banister that I don't...or is that something you just really want to learn to do-which leads me to think that you are going to be quite ambitious if that is the case! I often wonder if I'm thinking harder about what you're doing than you are, but with babies it's just so hard to tell. The one thing I do know is that babies get the fact that sitting on the floor, blowing "raspberries" with drool running down your chin and soaking the front of your shirt, followed up with a high pitched squeal is perfectly acceptable behavior! If only we could all be so lucky!!!
Mom :)

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