Thursday, April 24, 2008

We've come a long way Baby!

Faith, Hope & Poop sums up the past year for me perfectly. It was only a little over a year ago that Scott & I were working on our adoption portfolio to "officially" begin the adoption process. The decision to adopt came after 3 1/2 very long years of trying to become pregnant. Finally, we had to decide which direction we wanted to go (pursuing further treatments or adoption) because either way it was going to be an expensive decision, since our insurance would not cover the steps we needed to take to continue battling our infertility. We were more comfortable "hedging our bets" you could say by going with adoption. I have lots of family members who are adopted/have adopted so it felt like the right path for us. Several short months later(July), we received the phone call we had been dreaming about and about 7 weeks later our son, Luke, was placed in my arms! It has been a surreal experience and it keeps getting better with each passing day. I can't even imagine our lives without Luke in them anymore. He brings us so much joy and always brings a smile to my face (obviously, I've blocked out all of those 2 & 4 a.m. feedings!). So to finish up this first official post, basically, it took lots of Faith & Hope to have Luke as part of our lives. It was not only ours, but that of many family, friends, neighbors, etc. with the help of God to have our prayers finally answered! (It's nice to know that all of those Hail Mary's do get answered...eventually) And well, as for the Poop part, many of my friends always told me as they were having babies of their own, that you never knew how important poop became and how much you LIKED talking about poop once you became a mother. (Amen, Sisters!)

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