Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend!

Earlier this month, we said goodbye to Scott's moved on to a new home & someone who can put it to much better use. I must say that I was very excited about all of it after it was all said & done, but my husband was a little sad.

*This car was his first & only "brand new" car that he purchased.
*This car was a "cool" car~nothing makes a man feel "cool" better than a minivan ;)
*It sat & felt like a race car when you rode in it.

I was happy because...

*This car only had 2 doors~not very practical with children/carseats/etc.
*This car was going to need some money dumped into it to be very reliable for a family
*This car made #4 sitting in our driveway with the addition of Scott's work car-definitely not necessary!
*I disliked that it sat & felt like a race car when you rode in it. (Keep in mind, I am 6 feet tall & it was very low to the ground!)

And then I remembered...

*This car was what Scott took me on our first date in.
*This car was where the topic of "marriage" first occurred.
*This car has been connected to many very special moments that occurred during our first 5ish years of marriage as well as our dating years.

So then I was a little bit sad to see it go...

but I am still much more happy than sad to see it gone! ;)

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