Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday's Soapbox: Facebook, Friend or Foe?

I admit it...I love Facebook and I hate Facebook.

WHAT?! I don't really think this is anything new, since I have heard this from several other people, but here is my take on it.

I love the ability to connect with long lost friends & to stay "updated" on their lives. On the other hand, I am terrible about keeping my own status updated so if anyone is sitting out there trying to keep tabs on me...they don't really ever hear too much. It seems kind of unfair that I should get to know all about them & they get nothing in return...

I love the games, especially the word games, that are all right there at my fingertips just waiting to be played, but then when I begin to play them somehow time is sucked right out of the universe & a whole evening has been wasted doing nothing but playing games (of course this is all after the child has been taken care of~no worries about neglect here).

I love "Facebook stalking" or in other words-hopping around to check different peoples' profiles, but never acknowledging the fact that I was ever there...hmmm...sounds sinister doesn't it ;)

I love that you can write on someone's "wall", but I hate that sometimes it seems that the things people write may have been better off in an email (which is available on Facebook for any of you FB novices out there) & not published for the whole world to read & participate in.

As I said above, I love the ability to be able to connect with others, but I hate not knowing what to do if I don't want to connect with someone who wants to connect with me (this really hasn't happened to me but once or twice, but you know how I like to think about the "what if's" in life :)

And a final word...

PICTURES~truly some things should NOT be shared for the whole world to see unless you truly don't care if people think less of you or you don't care if prospective/current employers are checking it out & some profile pics always leave me wishing that I could control the world & what pictures people decide to post to "represent" themselves.

If only I could control the world... :D

Anyway, please feel free to leave your own thoughts below~I always love visits from/with my readers! :)

Disclaimer: "Tuesday's Soapboxes" are not meant to be offensive-Comments I make are not directed at any one person or group, but are just my thoughts on whatever topic I choose for that particular Tuesday. The topics may range from serious in nature to just downright silly. As always, I appreciate hearing what you have to say about them, however, I am not here to start any 'debates'. Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed :)


pjseiler said...

I feel the same way about Facebook. I love keeping in contact with everyone, but I know I spend too much time on it. And yes, people should definitely watch what they put out there "for public consumption." I can't believe the number of drunken pics I see on there, even from people in the community that usually portray themselves in a more responsible way. You could say some of the same stuff about people's blogs too. Would you show it to your Mom/Grandma? If not, then you probably shouldn't put it on the internet.

Carrie27 said...

I use it for boredom as well, but don't have the time to play the games. Boo.

As far as when people select me, I ignore them. It annoys me when I see people I haven't talked to in way too many years to count who want to be my friend.

LM said...

I JUST wrote a post about facebook too. Some days it irritates me so much when people write ridiculous things in their status updates, or use it to brag about how perfect their lives are, but I just keep coming back for more!