Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's been 365 days since...

I turned 28, which means today I am 29 years old & only have 1 more year left to be carefree & young! [please insert your own sarcasm here :)]

Or at least that is what the media seems to want me to believe it seems.

I have no problem with getting older & it seems hard to imagine being 29 only because I remember being a kid & thinking that I could never imagine being that age-it seemed so grown up...also there were always a lot of shows about the world coming to an end (supposedly) around the years I was going to graduate high school or be in college so it was not something that I had to worry about anyway ;)

But, obviously, here I sit so that did not occur & I CAN imagine myself at this age, but when I'm checking out in the grocery store & see those magazine covers that say something to the effect of "Be Your Best No Matter What Your Age! 30's, 40's, 50's!" it's nice to know that I still have at least one good year left!

It's a little disturbing to know that next year all of a sudden I get bumped up into an "older" category for magazines, survey age groups, etc, but I can honestly say that life is getting better with each year that passes so bring on the "old" age! :)


Heather said...

Happy birthday!

Carrie27 said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!

sonja said...

Happy late birthday! I hope you got to have a relaxing day and/or do something special.

(from LFCA)