Friday, January 22, 2010

Sick & Tired...

of being sick & tired!!!

(Beware bodily functions will be mentioned-if that makes you nervous/sick/uneasy, turn around NOW!)

When I first thought of the title of this post, it was going to be more about how each & every time I have had "time" off this year someone in this house has been sick, which doesn't make for much of a vacation.
Last week of Christmas vacation: Luke
MLK Jr. Day: Me

Unfortunately, I thought I would be well by the time I would be writing this post, but that has yet to happen. I apologize for my lack of posting & commenting, but trying to keep hydrated has been just a bit more of a priority.

Did I mention that this is Day 5 of 100+ fever?!!! You know it's starting to get sad when both me & my husband are confident that I feel "cooler" each morning and the d*#@ thermometer always comes back with something like 100.4 or 100.5, which I guess relatively speaking-it is.

I am hoping that things are starting to turn around, since I finally caved & went to the doctor's office yesterday-I couldn't breathe through my nose at all, which was making it very hard to sleep at night because I would wake up & have literally NO SPIT in my mouth because I had been breathing through it all night. I walked out of the pharmacy with a whole bag of medical goodies (feeling only slightly like a druggie :) & started putting all of that stuff to work.

Changes I have seen today:

*My first bowel movements in several days!!! (You do not know how excited I was & I think Scott truly appreciated me sharing this info with him this morning ;)

*Snot is now free flowing like a river-I still can't breathe through my nose for very long periods of time, but oh how sweet it is when I can!

*I am actually having a few more bursts of peppiness & actually reminded myself to eat food today, which has also been a tough task to do, since I've had absolutely NO desire to eat-no nausea, just nothing telling my brain "hey, you're hungry-eat!"

Changes that I have yet to see:

*That d#@* thermometer reading of 98.6!

And on that note, I'm tired now-I think I'll go lie down-take care of yourselves out there!

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Carrie27 said...

That sounds absolutely horrible. I hope that you are on the upswing of this nasty bug you have.