Sunday, January 10, 2010

Think he's missing some folks???

Things that came out of Luke's mouth today...

"Uncle Eric do a somersault?"

"Aunt Beth, SEE Aunt Beth!"

"Wyatt has crackers? Go get them!"

"Play? Play with Brielle?"

"Megan, do a somersault?"

"Melissa coming?...Aunt Emily coming?"

"Go see Jellybean?"

"Pauline's house...go there!"

Hmmm...maybe we should plan to do some visiting sometime soon :) I'm just going to take a stab at it here & say that maybe he's tired of seeing just mom & dad day after day.

No worries to any family members not mentioned here in this post-even though he may not have mentioned you today-I can guarantee that he HAS mentioned at least every single person in both my family & Scott's over the past weekend AND the 2 snow days before that (when he was stuck at home with me ;) at least once!

Please know that you are all very much loved by us & by at least one little 2 year old out there in the world most especially & don't be surprised if you get unexpected company sometime soon ;-D

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