Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday's Soapbox: Helping Hands

(I know wrong day, but this post has been sitting started in my poor list for such a long time & my brain is quite fried, so pleeeease forgive me! ;)

Toddlers~they bring so much joy & wreak so much havoc at the same time!

My little whirlwind can tear apart our house in minutes if he feels the need to do so, especially if I have just cleaned the floors!

Toys can be strewn throughout the main floor of the house just waiting for their chance to injure big feet within seconds...especially on days when he decided that sleep was not really necessary the night before.

And food can be tossed on the floor when he decides he is done eating it & then left unnoticed to 'petrify' on its own without a care if one of the big people doesn't see it immediately...

So, when the phrase "Lukey help!" entered the vocabulary many months ago, you can bet I went with it!


When food is thrown on the floor-he has to clean it up, especially if it is a big mess (with lots of supervision of course.)

When evening comes-he must pick up all of those toys strewn across the main floor & hopefully is learning that it is much easier to pick it up once he's done playing with it, which is something we've been working on too.

When the washer is done, he has become a super helper who can push closes in the dryer faster than I can get them out of the washer.

And, last but not least, now dishes are flying out of the dishwasher (& into my hands then to the cabinets) at lightning fast speeds-who knew dishes could be so fun?!

Disclaimer: Just because all of this "help" is very much appreciated & is good most of the time, does not mean that it is always the case. It also doesn't mean that my house remains spotless (far from it actually), but I'll encourage any interest he wants to show in these household tasks & if he ever gets married someday-maybe his wife will be able to thank me someday! ;)

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