Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out with the old & in with the new

The Old:

Last night was the end of our volleyball season...the 8th grade girls played there hearts out, but just couldn't quite pull out a victory in their regional game. It made for an exciting game though!
I am so proud of my 6th graders (whose season ended last Thursday)! They made so much progress this year & even learned some things that hopefully put them at a better starting point than where the 7th graders had to start from this year. If they continue to improve this much each year, they could be very good someday (& much better than our district's vball teams have been in the past. :)
I will miss it, but it's end does leave room now for...

The New:

Tonight, I (Scott & Luke too) got to go see my brand new niece, Lucy Ann! She was born early this morning, but due to work & travel distance, we didn't get to see her until just a few hours ago. She is beautiful (as are all of my nieces & let me tell you~that is getting to be quite a few these days! ;) I am so happy for my sis & her husband & can't wait to spend more time with their beautiful little girl. Luke was quite smitten as well & kept saying "HOLD LUCY! Lukey HOLD HER!"

Don't be such a 'baby hog' son! ;)
(Not sure where he gets that from...please don't look too closely at his mother or most definitely his grandmother!)

Actually, he did a great job with her & even smiled/posed for the camera :)

We are so happy to have you as part of our family, Lucy Ann, & wish all the best to Beth & Neil as they embark on this journey called parenthood!
Good Luck! ;) [insert evil laughter here~just kidding!]

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