Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Year(s) of 30

My turn is coming, but luckily I still have 6 more months until it does. 30 is right around the corner my friends! I don't really concern myself about my age too much, in fact, oftentimes I can't actually remember exactly how old I am :) My brain has kind of become stuck on 28 for some reason.

30, though, seems a bit different. I'm glad to be living yet another year in this world, but not so much about getting older. I'm excited about watching Luke grow each day, but then worry about not getting to see my (hopefully someday) grandchildren/great nieces & nephews and their kids & grandkids grow up. Isn't that what we're all afraid of when it comes right down to it-never having had enough time with those we love?

Anway, last night as we were attending our 2nd "3oth Birthday Party" in recent months for one of my friends, a discussion started up about the reasons we should be glad to be turning 30. One of my friends mentioned that her car insurance dropped in December after her birthday. I mentioned that we still had a good 30-35 years to enjoy that before our rates would start increasing again ;) Some other benefits that were discussed-looking forward to senior discounts, early bird suppers & bedtimes, getting together & not caring what others would think of us :) It made for a good round of laughter & looking forward to getting older. ;)

I was thinking about all of that this morning as I was enjoying a lazy morning at home (Kudos to mom & dad for keeping Luke overnight! Sorry for the early a.m. wake up though!) I decided that I would start something special here at Faith, Hope & Poop? to honor this upcoming event. A few months back, my sis-in-law was telling me about a blogger she had seen that was doing a post a day for a year about people who had influenced his/her life & how that might be a good idea for 'turning 30' posts. I've decided to 'swipe' this idea, but am going to make it much smaller by calling it "30 to celebrate 30". This means that coming soon I will begin a series of 30 posts about 30 people/things/places that have been very important to me over the last (almost) 30 years. I will be starting sometime in the near future & will hopefully be wrapping it up sometime close to my actual birthday in September. They will appear sporadically (they will be in no particular order of importance either) & if you happen to miss one-you can always click over there on the side & catch up :)

I look forward to sharing these things with you & hope that you will enjoy reading them as well! If anyone else out there is reaching this milestone over the next year or so too & wants to play along, I'd love to read your posts as well-just tell me where to go :)


Carrie27 said...

That's a neat idea! Yep, birthdays just seem like another day the older you get.

Jenn said...

Great idea! Looking forward to reading your posts! :)