Monday, March 29, 2010

How is my year going thus far?...

Since I'm low on blog ideas at the moment (or I should say-they all flee my head as soon as I sit to type ;), I thought I'd update on my resolutions for the year, since we are now almost 1/4 of the way through it. Here are my resolutions for 2010.

1: Lose 20 lbs-I have 'officially' lost 5 lbs & have been weighing every Friday, so I am hoping that it will be a bit more than that by the end of the week (& before the Easter candy arrives ;)
I am okay with this amount, since it means that I am right on target for my end of the year goal & I know it is better to lose it slower & it makes it much more likely to stay off once it is gone! (I hope!)

2: Read 40 books-I am going to have A LOT of reading to do this summer if I even hope to make it to this goal. I'm not even sure what my current total is right now, but my guess is that it is only 3-5 books for the year. SAD!

3: Run 3 miles/5K-I was doing so well with this one last Jan & then the flu it me & took me down for a whole week. Then the next week volleyball started, meaning many late evenings & very little down time...all of these are excuses, yes I know, but I am not ashamed to use them :) I have recently started walking again & am hoping that the 3/4-1 mile I was running before the flu hit will come back to me easily!

4: Set good routines for household-Scott & I sat down & had a good talk about this one right after I set it. We discussed what things we could EACH do every morning/afternoon/evening that would make each of our days/routines go more smoothly. We started working on setting new habits, but unfortunately that flu hit me (yes I AM using that again ;) followed on its heels by volleyball (which meant a super crazy schedule for awhile) & I kind of fell away/forgot some of the ones I was doing. Bless his heart though, Scott has remembered each & almost every morning to sort & start a load of laundry like we planned & has picked up the slack with the drying (which I was going to do when I got home from work each day) & folding (which we were both going to do). He is a good husband! :) Over the past week & a half, I have been trying to find my way back into a "normal" routine & am starting to get there-now if only my house looked/felt the same! ;)

Well, that is it for now, but here is to (hopefully) improved results arriving just in time for the next update!

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