Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Maybe?

Last night, we went to an Easter party with my relatives from my mom's family (her siblings/my aunts & uncles, their kids & grandkids). It always used to be my "small" side of the family, but over the past 6-7 years it has become considerably larger with marriages and many new additions. In fact, quite a considerable number of these new additions just happen to be 6 years old and younger ;)

Anyway, we had all just finished supper in the basement & several of these little ones had finished eating & were now playing. Some of them had also wandered upstairs & in no time at all many of them had noticed that the EASTER BUNNY had been there because they had spotted eggs in the yard. As you can imagine, the excitement spread quickly & there were many trips made up & down the stairs by many of those little feet & many reports/updates given to all of us by those same little bodies. Needless to say, these kids were very excited & itching to get outside so they could hunt eggs. Well as all of this is going on, my dad turns to us grown-ups sitting at the same table and says...

"Someone should put a dead bunny* in the yard, I wonder what those kids would do then?"

Laughter ensued & eventually those kiddos did get to hunt the eggs, but no bunny was ever spotted! He is a tricky fella that Easter Bunny :)

*No worries! There were no bunnies harmed for this comment or in the making of this blog post! Happy Easter! :)

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