Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wait a second...What?

Besides that title being one of Luke's favorite things to say right now, it is also something that I have been saying to myself recently in regards to some things that have been said around here...


Luke: "Ho where are you?"

Explanation: We were working on weeding my flower bed when I decided that I needed a hoe. I said "Let's go find a hoe" and the the question above started being repeated over & over again. Quite loudly too I might add.


My Mom: "I need to take my clothes off and mow the grass."

Explanation: She said this to my sister, Beth, yesterday on the phone while I was visiting. Beth hung up the phone & started laughing & repeated what mom had said~the important words she failed to mention were "off the line" as in "take my clothes off the clothesline" :) Knowing our mother, we found her actual statement to be quite hilarious ;)


"Warning: This establishment prepares food that has come in contact with fish and/or shellfish products. Food may contain fish and/or shellfish products." That's not exactly it, but it was something close to that.

Explanation: We were at Long John Silver's! If you have fish/shellfish allergies, I would hope that this would be the LAST place you would even think about entering and/or eating anything that was made there! It's a fish place for goodness sake...I realize that it is only an attempt at trying to keep themselves from being sued, but come on people, if you try to eat there & you're allergic, you should not be able to be rewarded by suing them-you should be reprimanded for not using your own common sense!

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Jericho said...

LOL I'm still laughing about your mom taking off her clothes and mowing the lawn. So funny. Thanks for the pick-me-up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!